Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

Sometimes weekends come together in the most perfect ways- combining relaxation, fun with friends, and new experiences!

One such weekend happened recently, and lets just start with the most exciting part: ordering every desert on the menu!!

There were five of us, five deserts on the menu, and we all wanted a different one!  How exciting!!!

This may have been way more exciting to me than anyone else.  My family never ordered desert when we went out to eat so it was a whole new world to me when I grew up.  Now I almost always order desert yum yum!!
We all had also gone to see Neighbors the night before!  Not together, but at the same time (it was really funny!)!

After dinner, Tim and I went to go see the Seattle Rock Orchestra perform the White Album!

Sunday was Mother's Day!  We all (my parents, grandma, uncle's family, and Tim's parents) went to Ivar's for a buffet brunch. 

Afterwards, we took our parents to Fremont Brewery so they could play with Mia!
My mom made me this not so subtle reminder that Mia is her only grandchild.
Then finally, Tim and I met up with my work husband and his girlfriend to finally meet his parents for the first time!

All in all, a great weekend!!

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