Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cabo, Cabo, Cabo!

Most of the time when I travel somewhere, I make it a point to visit all the attractions, get a feel for the culture of the area, and generally try to immerse myself a little.

But sometimes, you just need a vacation to take a vacation.

My neighbors agreed! So the three of us packed up and headed to Cabo for a long weekend!

The resort was beautiful!!  Right on the beach, giant pool, yummy restaurants, and all inclusive!!

We liked to watch people doing water aerobics while we stuffed our faces with cheese fries and chips and salsa!

And no trip to the beach is complete with out a photo shoot!

We also often embarrassed ourselves by ordering everything on the menu!

And yoga on the beach!!!
One afternoon, we decided to "stroll" into town for a tequila tasting!

It took us awhile to finally find it, but it was great!!!  Highly recommend it!!

This is our "we walked for over a mile in 100 degree weather and were sent to four different places looking for tequila tastings and have now found it, but now we need naps!" look
On our way home, we were surprised with an upgrade to first class!! Woo woo!

And btw, red wine with franzia is actually quite tasty!

All in all, it was a great weekend!  It was our first trip together, and the first of many more, I hope!!

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