Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Our Listing!

Tomorrow our condo hits the market!  Eek!  I'm not getting a single hope up, instead I'm preparing for the worst case scenario.  We'll see, right?

My grandma is our real estate agent, which is great because I don't have to worry about swindled.  She had us hold off listing for four months to make sure we would be in the best market.  Another reason she's such an awesome agent?  She had this professional photographer come out and shoot our condo, making it look 10,000 better than I could ever do!
Here's the entrance to our building.
The building itself...

The lobby....
Entry way...
The whole living/dining room:


Second bedroom!

I can't wait to see what happens with our condo!  I'm already super emotional about possibly leaving our little homey condo!  

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