Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Navy Sofas!

I can't stop planning for our future house!  Mind you, our condo isn't even on the market yet, but I'm knees deep in mood boards for our next space!!

One item that I keep obsessing over is a navy velvet couch!  


And so, so, so many more...

I love black and white, in many patterns, so I think that a navy couch will fit right in with my over abundance of black and white decor.  Add in lots of metallic accents and I'm done!
I can NOT wait to order one of these babies!! 

PS - Yesterday we had professional photographs taken of our condo for our listing, which goes live next week!  I'll be sharing those soon!


Bairn said...

Very pretty!

Abbey said...

Woooo! I would never have thought "YES" if you'd just told me navy velvet couch, but those pictures are definitely YES.

PS I owe you an email... sorry. I turned in a 25 page paper yesterday!

Alex said...

I love the one with the brown sleigh like base! :) navy couches!!!!