Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Life Lately!

Aka photo dump!
Annual Mariner's game with one of our couple-buddies (and my preschool coloring buddy!)

Mia glaring at me while I work from home.  She needs a haircut here, bad!
We found ourselves with a wonderfully warm, sunny weekend, so we strapped the monster into her bike basket and went for a ride around Seattle!
We stopped for beers, ice cream, and giant sandwiches.  Needless to say, the ride home didn't go so well.  

Royal Grinders..yum!
Went for a spontaneous lunch date with my grandma, uncle, aunt, and cousin!
Went to watch Tim play indoor soccer, and Mia got involved!

  Saw a double rainbow!
Mia got a long over-do haircut:

 And she just generally looked ridiculously adorable.  

My mom made it clear that she needs a grandchild.  Look at this Easter basket she made Mia! Any takers on sending her a grand kid?  I call not it!
Annnnnnd my brother turned 30 on Easter!!! So old!  Funny, most of my day-to-day friends are a couple years older than James, but he'll forever seem a million years older to me.
On our way back to Seattle, we ran into Conan on the ferry, AGAIN.  I swear, every time I ride the ferry lately!  ;)!  His wife's parents live in Bainbridge Island, my parents live in the next town over, so it's not uncommon to find him on the ferry around holidays.  
His head got perfectly cut off in this one!
 The end!

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