Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mia's Birthday!

Almost four whole weeks ago, this little crazy mo-fo turned one!

To celebrate/make it up to my mom that she doesn't have any grandkids, we invited our parents over to have lunch with us at a dog-friendly pub so they could watch the monster have some birthday cake!

Crown and Tutu both from here!
We got her a frilly tutu and princess crown, because why not? And she loved the bejeebus out of it.

Just kidding, but she did sit in it all through lunch!

I even made my favorite Chocolate Strawberry cupcakes for the occasion!

Mia, however, got special dog cake that I picked up from a local bakery:

Happy girl!!  Happy birthday Mia!
Please tell me I'm not the only one throwing their dog a birthday party this year!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Portland! Keep it Weird!

During President's Day weekend, Tim and I celebrated Valentine's Day, held a little party for Mia's first birthday, and spend a night in Portland!

Our first stop was Voodoo Donuts, which neither of us have ever been too! Never having the time to wait in the looooong line on previous trips, we dedicated our first afternoon to try out these famous donuts!

We waited for an hour and twenty minutes before we walked away with our baked goods!  We initially planned only getting two, but after waiting that long and seeing that the prices were only around $1/donut (unlike Seattle, where you'll be coughing up $2.50 for one of Top Pot's goodies), we went for six delicious treats!

We got: a maple bacon bar donut, a McMinnville cream donut, an Old Dirty Bastard donut, a Miami Vice, an Arnold Palmer, and a Neapolitan.

The verdict?  So-so!  Some were delicious and fun flavors that we can't find anywhere else (like the Arnold Palmer, my fav!, and the McMinnville cream) and some were either just not super good (Miami Vice, Old dirty bastard) or your standard old maple bar that is delicious anywhere.  Anyways, it was fun to try it finally!  And we're both always down for donuts!

After stuffing ourselves with donuts, we went to grab dinner (we didn't eat all of the donuts!!) at the Tin Shed, which is dog friendly and has a special menu just for the pups!

We ordered her a big special birthday dinner, which she loved!

Gimmie gimmie!

This trip was Mia's first night in a hotel.  She had a bit of a hard time getting used to it because we were next to a back door that slammed extremely loud, and she got upset every time shut.   We think we'll wait until she's older to try again!

The next morning, riding on a restless night, we headed over to the Waffle Window!
 We shared a delicious Blueberry Cheesecake waffle!  So yummy!!

Then we grabbed some coffees, and hit the streets!  We browsed through some shops, hit up some food carts, and enjoyed the nice weather!

Indiana Jones hats!
Beautiful flowers!
Beer was so cheap!

I first had Hot Lips Soda at a farmers market in Seattle, years ago!  I noticed the pizza chain all over and had to go in and grab a couple to bring home with us!

Our last stop was Pix Patisserie, which has amazing macaroons!!  We grabbed a box to eat on the way home!

"Royale with Cheese!"
 Next time we'll be coming back here to enjoy some wine and treats!
 I'm not sure that Mia had the best time during her birthday trip (OK, our weekend getaway!) but we had a great time!  It amazes me how just a day and a half away can totally recharge and refresh you!

 Have you ever been to Portland?  What were your favorite parts?