Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Scenes from the week

90% of the time if Tim and I are going out somewhere, we end up at Naked City Taphouse
It's our favorite restaurant/brewery/bar/whatever.
Beers at Naked City Brewery
This place is fantastic!  Both the food menu and beer lists are changing constantly, so you almost never have the same thing!  Their food is DELICIOUS, and includes lots and lots of vegan options- and no, we're not just talking the standard old Boca/Morning Star burger here.  Their burgers are include Field Roast and beets and are literally the best veggies burgers you'll ever have. Plus they a number of other well thought out, delicious items.  So very yummy!!  Plus, you know, the beer. 
The other half of the time we go out, it's mostly to Aloha Ramen, which is literally the best meal in the world.  Seriously, I can't get enough.
Tan Tan Ramen and Garlic Fried Rice at Aloha Ramen
One night as we were walking to Naked City, we passed this tiny hidden door that a couple people were going through.  When they opened the door, we heard some loud music, so we just followed them in, and stumbled upon a cool art exhibit/big party!

The space had a very NYC loft style to it, and when you went down even further, there was a much crazier party going on with free wine and beer all over!
On that same block, we got a new hot dog place with lots of veggie options!  We ate these walking down the sidewalk, pretending we lived in New York.

Another place I'm really starting to enjoy is Cooper's Alehouse!

Tonight I'm headed back to, you guessed it, Naked City!  Can't wait!

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