Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tis the Season!

Happy New Year's Eve!  And late Merry Christmas as well!
Our camera wasn't working so this is our picture in front of the Christmas tree this year- just Tim!

Mia had a blast opening up her presents from her grandma! 

A pile of balls and a Darth Vader squeaky toy!

Tim and I had our own Christmas celebration earlier that week.  The best part was watching Mia "open" her toys!  Once we started squeaking the toys she went crazy trying to get them!

And once she figured out that she was getting presents, she was trying to take everything either one of us opened!
Her favorite presents (as you can see by her desperation here) was a peanut butter filled bone!  She had some stomach problems the week before, so she only got a little bit of it.  Poor Mia!
We help our annual Christmas party last weekend as well!  I think it was my favorite party to date!

Did I ever show you my Christmas mantle?

The night ended in a cuddle fest, as every night should end.
It was a perfect night!!  Did you have a happy holiday season?  Here's a bonus picture of Mia and I napping at my parents house!
Oh gosh, I can't even.

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