Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend!

Or, the-weekend-when-my-mom-pretends-Mia-is-a-real-grandchild-everyone-else-thinks-she-needs-to-go-to-obedience-school-or-be-put-in-a-straightjacket-and-I-just-give-her-lots-of-hats.
 We might as well get all the pictures of Mia's wardrobe out of the way.  It's just too cute not to!

 And obviously she loves them!  Look at that face!
 After that, she was alone with the antlers for two minutes and ate all the light bulbs off them...  
My mom and I also had to get her some Princess Leia ears, because Tim's a giant Star Wars nerd.  
  She also really enjoyed having this bow tied around her neck:
  See that face?
 Pure joy. 

Aaaaand last but not least she got herself a cute new winter coat!
After I let her out of her outfits, she spent the rest of the weekend terrorizing everyone, mostly honing in on her foot fetish. 

 This was the first time Mia met her uncle, my brother James!
  I haven't actually seen him since last Thanksgiving, so it was nice to hang out again!

My mom and I made ornament wreaths and I love how they came out!
Needless to say, this dog was exhausted after her exciting weekend.

  Oh yeah!  We also had Thanksgiving dinner!  Yum yum!
 Also, I saw these sparkly pants on Instagram and I must have them:
That is all. 

How was your Thanksgiving?

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