Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Thailand Part 4: Loi Krathon& Elephant Trekking

I saved the best for last!  Not to discredit rock climbing, which is easily my favorite thing to do in the world, but watching floating lanterns and riding elephants aren't activities you get to do too often!
I'll warn you now, almost none of my pictures turned out, so scroll down if you don't want to see all my blurry, sad attempts at photography.  It ain't pretty.  Except it is anyway because look at the pretty lights!

The Loi Krathong and Yi Peng festivals are a combination of releasing floating lanterns into the sky and sending a decorative float down the river.  The lanterns symbolize your negative energy being released, and the floats are your well wishes for the year to come.  Beautiful.

I highly recommend you google search this gorgeous event.  I didn't do it justice!

It was very different than an American festival!  There were no rules or regulations, peoepl were shooting off fireworks every which way, and anyone could participate on a whim!

We sent off three lanterns and one river float.  There was this great community spirit being shared.  The experienced guys were showing all the newbies how to prepare the lanterns so they floated properly, and lighters were being passed around and shared by all.  It was so magical watching everyone send off their deepest thoughts into the sky!

We spent the end of our evening sending a float down the river and watching the festivities on the river bank.  So pretty!  Have a mentioned how beautiful it was?

The next morning is was time to ride the elephants!  We chose a day at the Baanchang Elephant Park, a sanctuary that rescues mistreated elephants in the country.
We all got super stylish outfits to wear!
Our first task of the day was feeding elephants piles and piles and pile and then more piles of bananas and sugar cane sticks!

Then it was time to ride the elephants!!!!

We also got to bathe them at the was super disgusting!

Needless to say, it was a really fun day!!

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