Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Thailand Part 3: Chiang Mai & Bangkok Temples

Picking up from where I left off last time, Tim and I had just arrived in Chiang Mai.  There we were, both slumped on the airplane, moaning and practically in tears (OK, maybe that was just me).  The flight attendants were soooo nice, and once we finally got off the plane, we were almost going to go to a hospital- we felt that bad!

Instead we stumbled upon a pharmacy right in the middle of the airport, and I dragged myself over and cried 'We have food poisoning!"  So the pharmacist when right to work and gave us a pile of pills, including antibiotics, coming to a grand total of $6 for both of us!  Did I mention how much I love Thailand?

Well anyways, to sum up, we managed to get down some re-hydration tables and a few crackers, and spent the rest of the day/night in bed sleeping.  Wooohoo!
After that, we had three days left in Chiang Mai, which is a northern city with lots of culture and lots to see and do.  It was so much cooler and less humid than Southern Thailand, so that was great!
The main reason we came to Thailand in the first place, and specifically Chiang Mai, was the experience the Loy Krathong festival, but that will be saved for another post.  

Since we were still recovering from food poisoning, we had to take it slow, so we spent the day walking around the million gazillion temples situated in every nook and cranny of the city.  They. were. awesome!

One of the common theme we saw among temples was the stress on which day of the week and which year you were born.  I knew about the importance of which year you were born in, but I didn't know about the day of the week!  Or maybe it was a way to get more donations, who knows?

Next let's hop over to Bangkok, where we spent a day at the end of our journey. 
If you need any more proof on how cheap and awesome Thailand is, this super swanky hotel room was only $40/night.
Of course, the air conditioning was so strong that I was full out sick the next day!  But we dragged ourselves to the river boat so that we could take a nice little ride up to the temples.
The water was absolutely disguising though.  Absolute shame!

Ahhh sorry for such a picture heavy post!  They are all just so pretty!!!  You know how many great shots I had to cut out?  Next time I'll show you some elephants and some pretty lanterns!  

If you missed the first two editions of Thailand, they're here and here!

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