Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thailand Part 2: Phi Phi Island & Phuket (again)

After two nights in Railay Beach, it was time to hop on another boat, this time headed towards Phi Phi Island!

Goodbye Railay!
....and hello Phi Phi Island!
Our first couple hours weren't great here.  The hotel didn't have our reservation and the only had one room with twin beds left, and they brought us there before it had been cleaned, which just disgusted me beyond words for some reason.  So I was in a mood when we went off to explore the island, but Tim finally fed me which helped with the grumpiness!
This was the best food of our trip, hands down.  We actually came back here three meals in a row.  It better not be what gave up food poisoning!  Oh goodness, best phad thai in the world!
I'm a big fan of coconut water, but not the taste!  I'm partial to dark chocolate flavored water when I'm hungover or just need to recover from an intense workout or not enough sleep, etc.  Coconut water has amazing health benefits, nameably potassium and eletrcolytes, but it just taste like cr@p!  It makes you feel amazing almost instantly though, so I'll totally drink it! 

But you know what?  The fresh coconuts in Thailand were SO GOOD!  They didn't taste bad at all!  I wish I had a lot more!!!!
Our hotel had this awesome little beach filled with super comfy beach chairs, umbrellas, and tables.  It was perfect!  We spend a lot of our time hanging out on this beach!

Then it was time to explore the night life!  Thailand is pretty famous for these rum buckets they sell everywhere:

My glass was shaped like a naked lady!
Fire show at our hotel!
Breakfast at our hotel.  I really want one of those Buddha planters.  I love Buddha!
Such yummy fruit!
The next morning we decided to take a boat tour around Phi Phi and the surrounding islands.  There are lots of sights you can only access by boat!

Viking Cave

The pictures below are from Maya Beach, a national reserve and the filming location for the movie The Beach.  It was gorgeous!

Next up was Monkey Beach!  Just as cute as it sounds!
The afternoon ended was a gorgeous thunderstorm!  I love watching those over the ocean!
As we were leaving on another ferry back to Phuket, we found this hilarious sign:
"Do the shopping cart"
Goodbye Phi Phi Island!

When we got back to the mainland, we got the slowest taxi driver in the world, who also had no idea where our hotel was, and turned a 20 minute ride into over an hour.

But, our little stop over hotel was absolutely awesome, we had this giant suite on the top floor with an amazing view of the bay, and it was just so cheap!

I feel that this meat on a stick is a good segway into our food poisoning story...
I was feeling quesey all day long and I think that I knew I had food poisoning coming on, because I've had it once before and I felt like this the whole day before it happened as well.  

But anyways, a huge rainstorm came on and it was the perfect excuse to go back to the hotel room and wait for the food to start coming.  Which it did about an hour later.  I'll spare you all the details but it was horrible.  We both got it, all night long, didn't sleep, so drained, so gross.  The only good thing was the hotel we were in actually had good plumbing (the rest of Thailand has horrible plumbing). 

In the morning we had to endure an hour long cab ride to the airport, which was just horrible.  Tim was so sick he threw up a soon as he got out of the car, and we just laid down in front of our gate until it was time to board the plane to Chiang Mai.  

During the flight, Tim was in the bathroom literally the entire time!  I managed to hold it together until we had just landed and the aisles were filled with people and I had no choice but to start throwing up in a bag in my seat.  Yuck!

Well, more details in the next post!  Chiang Mai was super gorgeous, can't wait to show you the pictures!

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