Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Spotted Shelf Paper!

While everyone and their sister are writing about their favorite posts from 2013 today, I hope I'm not disappointing you when I write about our newly lined drawers instead!
I recently added drawer liners to all our kitchen drawers, as well as to our teal dresser and the dresser in our bedroom.  That's a lot of paper!
And did I mention that I hand painted all of it?  I know, over achiever/cheap a$$/tight wad/whatever you wanna call it. 
The process couldn't have been easier; it was just time consuming!  But since I an unable to sit still for more then three minutes, every 15 minutes that I had at home involved painting these spots!
I started out by holding a large round pouncer weirdly so it made more of an animal type spot, and stampt it all over a piece of poster board, filling it in with smaller pouncers, and eventually just a small paintbrush.
I then painstakingly measured each and every drawer and cut it out using an exact-o knife.  This was particularly fun on the curved drawers in the teal dresser
And voila!  Pretty backgrounds to all the junk that graces the drawers in our place!
I also made some dividers on some of the more used spaces, like the junk drawer and "random kitchen utensil" area. 
These are just pieces of those cheap yardsticks that they sell in the paint section of the hardware store for 70 cents each.  I bought maybe 3-4 of them and used a small hacksaw to saw them by hand.  It went by really quick, and then I spray painted them with leftover black spray paint (from this project). 

I don't know about all of you, but I've been dying to get my junk organized for years, and it feel so dang good to finally have it all pretty-fied!!

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  1. You are so smart and so crafty! BTW -- getting plans/timing more settled for our Washington trip in May! Sounds like we'll be buying flights soon. :)


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