Monday, December 2, 2013

Spare Room/Game Room

Our game room got a quick and easy makeover, but I think it really gave the room some much needed oomph!
We so rarely use this room that it just doesn't make sense to sink more than a few bucks into any projects.  Tim comes in here once a week when he has guy night, but other than's just another path to our half bath.

After a couple paint projects and general de-cluttering this summer, I want to be in here a lot more!  However, there's no where to sit, so I just come in a pet things and then go back to my couch!

Our biggest projects are all the green things you see!  This dresser used to reside in our bedroom.  It's a cheapish IKEA Malm dresser that broke almost immediately, but it was still very useable.  Once we rearranged and re-did a Craigslist dresser in our bedroom, I moved this IKEA dresser into the game room and then painted it Kelly Green like a crazy lady (see the original make over here!)!
This color is Climbing Ivy by Behr.  I also made some tassels using Kristen's tutorial!
That paneled mirror was a super cheap DIY from the dollar store!  All I did was buy nine of those framed mirrors and glued them to so scrap wood.  Each column is attached to each other, and then I can duct tape the columns together. 
The curtains are another DIY that I'm in looooove with!
I just taped off a chevron-ish pattern and used regular old paint to paint every other section.You could use some fabric medium if you want them to be soft to the touch, but we never touch these, so why bother?

I actually don't like Chevron at all, but for some reason I do really enjoy the zig zags when they're deep V's. 

You've seen this DIY desk before, but now there's some new art above it!
I hung two picture ledges from IKEA to hold some of our travel art.  My mom made this map for me, and the characuture was made by a street artist in Rome. 

I purchased this bulletin board at TJ Maxx and then spray painted the frame with Catalina Mist by Krylon, and then attached fabric from our old bedroom curtains to the cork part.
This big canvas will eventually have a colorful picture paint on it, but in the meantime, feast your eyes on my squiggles:
That about does it for our spare room!  What do you think?  It makes me want to add more green back to the rest of our house!

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