Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On My Wishlist

Even thought I know Tim's done buying me things for Christmas, it's never too late to pull together a great wishlist!  You never know, maybe someone will win the lottery and buy me all this stuff!

1. These super cute green earrings from Kendra Scott
2. Doesn't this book look so pretty?  
3. Every house needs a gorgeous gold accent stool!
4. Mmmmm pretty bow ring!  I need you!
5. This crystal J Crew inspired necklace belongs around my neck!
Whoops, there are two 5's...
5. I could always use another disco ball...I love my first one so much!
6. The new Naked 3 palette is right up my alley!  Pink shadows for the win!
Omgosh seriously, there are two 6's too???
6. I've always swooned over Diptyque candles, but I'll probably never convince myself to spend that much on a candle!
7. Oh my gosh, isn't this dress gorgeous???  
8. Obsessed with all the J Crew cobalt coats!  Of course they're mostly sold out...
9. Deborah Lippman polish in Va Va Voom.  I've never tried a Deborah Lippman polish but I hear they're great!
10. These Kate Spade stacking boxes are just calling my name!

I was surprised at all the red things on my list!
What's on your Christmas list this year?

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