Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas 2013!!!

Just a few touches of Christmas around the house...
Our tree is all gold and silver this year! 
We've also added touches of black and white stripes and pinecones!

I'm so majorly obsessed with this wrapping paper! 
I bought this humongous star on a whim at TJ Maxx, and it fits perfectly above our tree! 
OK, it's a tad too big, but I still love it!
This gold ornament wreath was made with my mom!  It took 1000000000001 ornaments, and we had to go to the store three times to get enough supplies!
My favorite wreath is hung with black and white ribbon above our fireplace (and on top of Audrey Hepburn
One of my favorite spots is above our TV, where I made a little silver and gold ornament cluster and tied it up with black and white ribbon!
We hang garland and ornaments above our gallery wall every single year, and I love it every single year!

Last year I made these mason jar snow globes with my friends! 

We also made these glitter reindeer canvases!

Pine cones, both glittery and au naturale, on our coffee table.
Along with some silvery ornaments!

Ornaments a many...

In our bedroom, I added a tiny tree with a burlap base that I got at Fred Meyer for $4!
It's decorated with some skinny gold glitter ribbon and tiny silver ornaments!

Our pile of purple and aqua balls became a garland on the gallery wall in our bedroom!

And back to the living room, we have our matching Mr & Mrs burlap stockings on the fireplace!  We've gotta get Mia one of these as well!

Merry Christmas!  I hope the holiday cheery is twinkling in your home!

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  1. Fantastic looking, you are so talented


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