Monday, December 9, 2013


Ahh, here we are, three months later, and finally finishing my home tour!  A lot has already changed since I first showed you my living room and dining room, but I'll be sharing those projects with you soon!

The last rooms I have to show you are our bathrooms!  We have one full bath (mine) and one half bath (Tim's).  Let's start with Tim's!
I installed three shelves on top of Tim's porcelain throne, where there has previously been a blank wall.  I used the rest of the shower curtain that I bought to cover up a lampshade in the living room to add a background to the shelves.  

In order to secure the fabric, I glued it to some cardboard that I cut to fit each space, and then I shoved the completed pieces in place.  Voila!
Hi Mia!

When you turn around, you've got the rest of the half bath.  Pretty interesting, eh?  Mirror, ugly counter tops, and painted cabinets!
Then when you turn to the right you see the full bath aka, my bathroom!  Yes, we share a door.  Tim does not like when I try to make conversation through it. 
The bookshelf is a Billy from Ikea that I added some snow leopard fabric to.  The shower curtain I bought at West Elm last year, and the black and white pictures are of Audrey Hepburn.
I installed these hooks instead of having a towel bar because that's just my personal preference.  You can see the original project here, but I tweaked it a little this summer. 

After I took these photos I cleaned the mirror...

This make up holder was from The Container Store.  I always put my make up on in the car, but I decided to get a real make up holder and actually do my make up at home!  That lasted about a week and now all my make up is in the car again.  But you get to see the leftovers!

As per my usual, this bathroom is already in the works again.  Can't wait to be able to reveal some real projects soon!

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