Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Most Wonderful Room of All

Our bedroom has undergone some major remodeling!  Right now, it's definitely my favorite room in the house! 

Wrinkly sheets??  What are those?

But OK, let's back up.  First and fur most (is that the correct word at all?), the room is completely rearranged!

It used to look like this:
And then we painted it this color that I LOVED for about a week and then hated for a year:
Now, it's a new color and rearranged!

The color is Rockport Gray from Benjamin Moore, and it's the same color as our living room/dining room, and game room.  

Our bed received a major facelift as well!  First, I kind of made a headboard- I actually just covered our existing Ikea bed with cardboard to even it out (trust me, that's a legitimate thing), then foam, batting, and this lovely fabric (P Kaufmann Slick Gray).  Then, I applied a nail head trim boarder around the edges!  it was easy-peasy and makes a major impact!  Why it took me so long to dive into a DIY headboard I'll never know, but I'm head over heals with this one!

We also got a new duvet cover from West Elm (thanks mom!)

I just love how all the patterns go together!

There are just so many new things in this room that it's hard to list them all!  But lets turn our attention to this wall:

I found a cheap dresser on Craigslist and painted it a glossy black and added campaign style hardware to it.  Our old dresser migrated to the game room, I can't wait to show you what I did to it!
Then we got a TV and mounted it to the wall, and created a frame wall around it.    I painted those black and white abstract pieces that are resting on the dresser

This is my favorite one:
I used electrical tape to create stripes on the mat, and the art was made but cutting out the letters with an exacto knife and then spray painted it gold.  

One of my other favorites is this mirror:

I used beach sea glass to make a rocky, edgy corner.  I love it.  Seriously.  

Our night stands are different as well:
Mine is an Ikea Vittsjo "hack" which just means I painted it silver  I love how it looks, but the functionality sometimes leaves something to be desired.  The jury's still out on this one!

Tim wanted one for his side, but since Mia still can't sleep on our bed without peeing all over our room, she stays in her kennel that we turned into a side table on Tim's side.  

So, we might eventually have a Vittsjo shelf on either side of the bed and it'll be balanced nicely, or we might even do something different.  We'll see!
 I fell in love with these simple white curtains with black ribbon trim that were selling for hundreds of dollars!  Why??  So I made these by gluing thick black ribbon to some plain white curtains.  Love!
 All right, here are some detail shots from around the room!

Oh yeah and last but not least, we still have our tulip chandelier hung up!  Of course I'm not a good enough photographer to take a picture of it, but there you go!
Well there you have it!  What do you think??

Next time, I'll show you either my bathroom or game room, depending on which one is clean first (don't hold your breath!)

Until then, 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I'll keep this brief, because the kitchen is a kitchen.  Pretty self explanatory!  It's just like everyone else's, and not much has changed in here!

Really the biggest change is the new striped mat on the floor!

As well as Mia's fancy gold dog bowl!
You can get one of these for yourself in my Etsy shop!

I also made some cool refrigerator magnets by gluing some foreign currency that we've brought home from our travels onto magnets
And found these cool travel magnets at Goodwill!

And no room is complete without an owl, right?

Until next time,