Friday, September 20, 2013

Wales Part Six: Castles, Cemetaries, and Devil's Bridge

For the final recap of Wales, I wanted to share all the neat castles and monuments we visited throughout Wales!  To catch up on the rest of my post-high-school studying abroad, jump on over to read about our home base in Aberystwyth, and our weekends in Liverpool, Stonehenge, Edinburgh, and London
As part of our course in Welsh history and literature (I think that's what the course was?), we spend a lot of time on the road visiting castles, churches, unique parks, and cities.

Now I have no idea which castles any of these pictures are from, and I'm not going to go track down my notes to figure it out- so enjoy the cool crumbly bricks from around Wales!

Somewhere among those photos has got to be our stop at Hay-on-Wye, which is a town that's completely full of bookstores!  Lindsey and I had a blast spending the day there!

We visited the grave of Welsh native Dylan Thomas, our professor's favorite poet.

Another side trip included Devil's Bridge Falls!

These are a series of bridges stacked on top of each other with waterfalls!  Gorgeous place!

Well that's it for Wales!!  It was an amazing trip, and I'm so glad that I was able to save up the money to go during my senior year of high school!  It was an incredible experience!!

Have you ever had any incrediable experiences while traveling?  Comment below and tell me about them!

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  1. So glad you documented your trip here, love seeing all the pictures again!


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