Monday, September 23, 2013

Dining Room!

*Before I show you my dining room, I wanted to share some news!

It's official guys: I've joined Etsy!  After years of hemming and hawing and not having enough confidence in doing it, my wonderful friends talked me into just trying it out!  So, here's my Etsy shop: Holly Golightly 802.  I named it after my sweet sweet baby and the day we adopted her.  

There's only a couple things on it right now, but I'm hoping to be able to expand!  I am very excited!  I'm going to work on furniture that will only be available for local pick up as well, but I'm going to share them on the blog as well!*

Back to my dining room!

The biggest change in this room are the mirrors.  Before, it looked like this:
And now it looks like this:
The mirrors are just those cheap $6 mirrors you can get at Target for college.  I just used some of those mounting tape squares to hang them up!  They add a bunch of needed light into the room!
Our "dining hutch" is sporting a mini-bar nowadays, along with a new pink lamp!

I made a window valance above our back wall ages ago, but recently painted faux molding on it in aqua:
I might change it to black molding...or maybe even paint that wall black..who knows?  There's something I want to keep tweaking about in this room...
Above the table is our bubble chandelier, one of my favorite projects, but also one of the most annoying! 
While I love the look of the light, it's next to impossible to clean, and it gets in the way during parties.  When our carpet was installed, a couple of the bubbles broke off, so I need to replace them soon!

The other side of this room faces into the kitchen. 

This wall got a gold old chalkboard treatment and a bubbly print:
"Time to drink champagne and dance on the table" Well don't mind if I do!

And there you go!  Next time I'll show show you how the kitchen's lookin!


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