Monday, September 23, 2013

Dining Room!

*Before I show you my dining room, I wanted to share some news!

It's official guys: I've joined Etsy!  After years of hemming and hawing and not having enough confidence in doing it, my wonderful friends talked me into just trying it out!  So, here's my Etsy shop: Holly Golightly 802.  I named it after my sweet sweet baby and the day we adopted her.  

There's only a couple things on it right now, but I'm hoping to be able to expand!  I am very excited!  I'm going to work on furniture that will only be available for local pick up as well, but I'm going to share them on the blog as well!*

Back to my dining room!

The biggest change in this room are the mirrors.  Before, it looked like this:
And now it looks like this:
The mirrors are just those cheap $6 mirrors you can get at Target for college.  I just used some of those mounting tape squares to hang them up!  They add a bunch of needed light into the room!
Our "dining hutch" is sporting a mini-bar nowadays, along with a new pink lamp!

I made a window valance above our back wall ages ago, but recently painted faux molding on it in aqua:
I might change it to black molding...or maybe even paint that wall black..who knows?  There's something I want to keep tweaking about in this room...
Above the table is our bubble chandelier, one of my favorite projects, but also one of the most annoying! 
While I love the look of the light, it's next to impossible to clean, and it gets in the way during parties.  When our carpet was installed, a couple of the bubbles broke off, so I need to replace them soon!

The other side of this room faces into the kitchen. 

This wall got a gold old chalkboard treatment and a bubbly print:
"Time to drink champagne and dance on the table" Well don't mind if I do!

And there you go!  Next time I'll show show you how the kitchen's lookin!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Wales Part Six: Castles, Cemetaries, and Devil's Bridge

For the final recap of Wales, I wanted to share all the neat castles and monuments we visited throughout Wales!  To catch up on the rest of my post-high-school studying abroad, jump on over to read about our home base in Aberystwyth, and our weekends in Liverpool, Stonehenge, Edinburgh, and London
As part of our course in Welsh history and literature (I think that's what the course was?), we spend a lot of time on the road visiting castles, churches, unique parks, and cities.

Now I have no idea which castles any of these pictures are from, and I'm not going to go track down my notes to figure it out- so enjoy the cool crumbly bricks from around Wales!

Somewhere among those photos has got to be our stop at Hay-on-Wye, which is a town that's completely full of bookstores!  Lindsey and I had a blast spending the day there!

We visited the grave of Welsh native Dylan Thomas, our professor's favorite poet.

Another side trip included Devil's Bridge Falls!

These are a series of bridges stacked on top of each other with waterfalls!  Gorgeous place!

Well that's it for Wales!!  It was an amazing trip, and I'm so glad that I was able to save up the money to go during my senior year of high school!  It was an incredible experience!!

Have you ever had any incrediable experiences while traveling?  Comment below and tell me about them!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Excited for Fall!!!

(Sung to the tune of My Favorite Things)
Pumpkin spice lattes and warm apple cider!  Mighty-O donuts and bread made of pumpkin!  
Sweaters and boots make my heart smile wide!  These are a few of my favorite fall things!

Fall is officially almost here!  Is there any argument that the best part of fall is the food??  I can't believe I've never thought about doing this:
Apple Cider Float...doesn't that sound amazing???  Can't wait to try it!  Eeek!

I don't normally decorate for fall, but I might have to pull some inspiration from some of these chic fall decorations I found on Pinterest:

Then there's the awesome fashion!


And dark nails!

From Essie's Fall 2013 line, Cashmere Bathrobe.  

Oh my!

And my FAVORITE thing about means that Christmas is right around the corner!!!! Oh boy!!

What's your favorite part about fall?

PS-another reason to love Starbucks.  Swoon!


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Living Room!

Time to cozy up to our TV watching area!  
I mean, our living room, where we sit and have philosophical discussions.   And maybe watch a lil' bit of Homeland

These pillows came from Ikea and were hand stamped by me with some gold paint and a round spongy stamp thingy. 

Our coffee table is an Ikea Vittsjo that we hacked by spray painting it gold and leaving the bottom shelf off. 
Our furry rug came from RugsUSA during one of their fantastically crazy sales!  It's no longer there, but these are all similar
The Nate Berkus gold dipped bowl holds our remotes!
Spray painted rocks add some metallicy goodness to our coffee table tray!  

The tray is actually an acrylic shadowbox from Micheal's with some scrap book paper in the bottom.  Only cost a few bucks to make!
Behind our Karlstad couch is the console table we built!  We got this fun bun head print from Etsy
This box is a cheapie craft box from Micheal's that I painted black, taped, then spray painted gold.
I used E6000 glue to adhere beach glass to the top as a lid handle. 
This lampshade is covered in fabric from a Target shower curtain.  I copied 7th House on the Left's tutorial here!

Above the couch is a gallery wall. 


Next to the couch is the fireplace.
A big old picture of Audrey Hepburn is framed above the mantle.  What can I say, I love her!
It's been cozied up with a pile of every changing pillows!

Click here to see how we built a mantle and how I covered up our existing beige fireplace.
And that's what our living room looks like!  Look at our last post to see our newly redone entry way!  Next time, I'll give you a tour of our dining area!

Until then,