Thursday, August 8, 2013

D-Derby's, Puppies, and Futball!

Growing up in Kitsap County, we were constantly hearing about destruction derbys.  Neither Tim or I have ever actually been to one, so when a friend of ours was organizing a group to go see one, we jumped on board!

We all went to one of my favorite restaurants, Spiro's, where I worked during high school.  There's no place quite like it!

Afterwards, Mia took her first ferry ride!  Dogs aren't technically allowed on the deck, but no one really cares.  Mia was so tired from her exciting day that she just fell asleep on the bench!

This weekend, the Sounders had some exciting news!  They signed some major soccer player, Clint Dempsey, to the team!  Tim was practically fainting all week at the news!  We got to be a couple yards away from him when they made the official announcement!

I'm mostly excited because now I can get a Dempsey jersey and say it's for McDreamy.
 Oh yeah and I got a new hat!

And it wouldn't be my blog if I didn't dump a bunch of puppy photos at the end!

"What toilet paper?"
Super high after surgery

Happy August!