Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Lovin, Had Me a Blast

It's only mid-June and it already feels like summer's almost over!  I hope it's just beginning!

We kicked off summer on memorial day weekend by driving up to Vancouver, BC to see our favorite band, Mumford and Sons! They seriously put on the best concerts! 
 It was totally worth the freaking NINE hours of drive time we put in, thanks to this bridge collapsing the day before, and there only being ONE boarder guard on the way back into the US. 

 Then the next morning we hopped out of bed and made the two hour drive in the other direction to go camping at Lake Cushman! 

....Unfortunately, the lake didn't get the memo about it being summer and we spent only one night huddle under tarps in the pouring rain before packing up camp and heading home the next day!

Mia had lots of fun trying to escape into the woods, getting soaking wet, jumping on big dogs, and throwing up from the gallons of grass she ate!
At the end of June, we packed our bags and ran away to NYC for the weekend! 
As what always seems to happen, we ran into a couple old friends and had fun running all over the city in the intense heat and humidity!! 

On 7/11 we skipped the free Slurpees and celebrated our 4 year anniversary! 
And then there's all the days in between:

Oh yeah, and Mia got her first haircut!  From furball to fancy fella (girl fella):
How are your summers going?

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