Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Lately, all I do is shop!  I'm trying to cut myself off cold turkey, but I still need a treat now and then!

Shopping is a way for me to distract myself, so I've been using it a lot to deal with Holly.  Now that I'm finally starting to really move on, I think I'll be able to reign in the credit cards soon (well, maybe after our trip to NYC this weekend!). 

Not so great for my bank account, but oh so good for my pretty house!  I thought I'd share a few of my favorite item's I've picked up!

I've always been a big fan of black and white prints, but lately, black and white stripes have been making a big comeback in my eyes!  I'm always obsessed with stripes, so I had to grab this throw blanket from Ikea!  
Heck, I've just been bringing in black and white stripes anywhere I can!  I made striped pillows for our deck, switched our kitchen mat...

I wish I had a good picture of these, but I don't!  Tim and I have been drooling over Adirondack chairs for awhile, and once I found one on Amazon for a ridiculously low price and great reviews, we had to sell our current table-and-chairs combo and snatch these up!  The best part was that due to gift cards, they only cost us $20, while we made $150 on our sale!  Score!  (I noticed that to price has gone up since we bought them, silly Amazon). 
We've since painted these aqua, the same shade as this dresser.  I think I might want to paint them a nice glossy black next year, but for this year, I already had this paint on hand, so there you go!

Prints From my Mom!
My awesome mom always does a lot of Photoshop work for me because ever since they cancelled PicNik I've been too lazy to find another program to use (although Tim recently found a good option for us- kinda a really simple Photoshop for people who just want to do basic editing! )
Anyways, I saw this picture on Pinterest and had to have one made of Holly, so I tortured my mom for days making Hipster Holly that was juuuuust right!  And then I made her make this bubbly print as well!
Annnndddd since I was riding out the whole "my-dog-just-died" card, I also asked her to make me this travel map!!!  I started coloring it in last night and I'm soooo excited!

Thanks mom!!!

Mint and Coral pants
I love me some colored pants, and even though I already have four pairs, obviously I needed some ankle skimmer ones this year!  So, Mint and Coral pants have joined the ranks!  I wore the coral ones to a Mumford and Sons concert last weekend and they were perfect! 

Omgosh.  I just bought this stuff on a whim two days ago, and I'm practically shouting from the rooftops how much I love it!  

Everyone's skin is totally different, but this stuff is a freaking miracle on mine!  It keeps my forehead completely mattified alllllll day long (no touch ups, ever!), and the yellow and pink colors totally tone down my dark under eye circles!  Thanks too genetics and my lack of sleep from the last two months, I've been needing concealer like crazy! 

Oh, and it only costs $3.

Garden Stools 
Oh my word peoples.  I always see garden stools in pictures of pretty houses, but no one ever really talks about them, nor do they explain how they have so many when they cost around ~$150!
Well, then I discovered that they sell them at Home Goods, Marshall's, and TJ Maxx for $40-50 all the time!  So obviously I picked up two of them, and am dying for some more already!

Home Goods, Marshall's, and TJ Maxx
I've fallen in love with these stores!  Every time I walk in, I find myself with a big pile of things I have to have!  
Like these shoes and this sunburst mirror!  

Have you gotten anything awesome lately?

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