Friday, February 1, 2013

Wales Part Four: Edinburgh, Scotland

Yay it's Fly Away Friday again!! This week brings the tales of the most bittersweet part of the trip: Scotland!  The land of my people (I'm half German and half Scottish)! 
Fresh off the terrorist attacks in London, we decided that we probably shouldn't spend the whole week there like we planned (although at this point in my life I wish we had), so we wanted to make our long weekend in Edinburgh count. 

We left the day after the attacks in London, so we were all a little apprehensive but still excited. 
Edinburgh is one of my favorite cities ever.  I had great memories of it, but I also remember the first day there, when my heart just couldn't take missing Tim anymore and I spent the better half of the day crying in our hostel and then in a phone booth calling him.  After our conversation, I laid in the park silently missing him and enjoying some rare peaceful time to myself. 
Wandering alone in a city is great therapy.  In the days before widespread cell phones, I got to walk around the city by myself while Lindsey and Malena went off by their selves.  With only a time to meet later, I finished my nap at the park and decided to take myself shopping.  I bought some great pants and I discovered H&M for the first time (this was before they were in the US). 
After our day apart, we spent the rest of our weekend exploring the awesome city and taking in the beautiful architecture and sights!

We also went on a really fun ghost tours and totally felt their presences!
And lastly, we explored the Edinburgh Castle!
As I'll tell you about in another blog, we saw lots and lots and lots of castles during this trip!  They were pretty neat!

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  1. I'VE BEEN TO ALL THESE PLACES. love it. Heard SO much about those ghosts tours but didnt go on one.


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