Friday, February 22, 2013

Wales Part Five: London

When we left off three whole weeks ago (good job maintaining a posting schedule Shauna!) in our last installment of Fly Away Fridays, I told you about our long weekend in the fabulous city of Edinburgh  Scotland.  This week, it's London Baby!
I'd been obsessed with Peter Pan, and I was so excited to see Big Ben for the first time!
First I should back up and explain our predicament.  Our trip had a week of free time built in at the end of our course, during which we planned to spend gallivanting around London.  I told you about the terrorist attacks that happened the week before we were due to arrive.  Unfortunately, at the time we decided to cancel our trip and hang out back in Wales for the remainder of our trip.  

But, we had already bought tickets to see the best musical ever, Phantom of the Opera, so we decided to take the last train into the city that night and the first train out the following morning.  Being a bunch of smart 17/18 year olds, we thought it would be way more fun to wander around the city sightseeing all night long instead of booking a hotel room or anything.  I mean, we even argued about taking a cab back across the city at 4:30 AM to the train station, so you can see how cheap we were!
Upon arriving in The Big Smoke, we hopped on a double decker bus, popped into a phone booth, and got giddy at a worldwide Target van driving by. 

We visited the famous Trafalgar Square where Lindsey was kissed by two random guys within five minutes.
Malena painted the above photo into a gorgeous canvas that I've had hanging in my home ever since. 

Then it was time for the play!
Obviously we changed into our "fancy clothes" in a park bathroom because we're classy like that.

When we emerged after the show, we spent the rest of the night walking around the city, taking in the sights, being scared to death by random street corners, and bring exhausted on some church steps. 
None of my pictures turned out after dark, so I don't have much to show you, nor do I remember too much of what we saw, except that some guy at the train station in the morning was absolutely amazed by our snack size box of raisins!
I went back to London six years later and just loved it again!  I was only there for a day at the beginning and end of our trip, but I would love to go back and stay for longer one day!  You can read more about that trip here!

Next Friday is the last tale from our travels!  This time it'll be all about castles!


  1. Enjoying hearing about it again! Loving the old pics!

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  4. Oh my goodness, so much fun. You're way cooler then me though, I would have been way too freaked to spend the whole night in a city I've never been in. (Not like I would even do it in Seattle cause I'm even scared of that place at night!!)

    I'm finally catching up on my blogging! I've missed reading your updates! :)

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