Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kick Off Your Purple Shoes!

One of the big ideas in green living, and one of the Three R's, is Reuse.  By finding another purpose for something you have lying around, you're reducing the amount of garbage you're throwing out.  Less garbage, less money wasted!
I needed a pair of purple shoes for an upcoming wedding, and after spending awhile looking and only seeing pairs for $60-70, I wasn't satisfied.  Especially because while I love purple and would definitely wear purple shoes often, I probably wouldn't rewear such fancy shoes often enough to justify spending that much.  A pair of black heels I wear often?  Sure.  But not bridesmaid shoes.

Enter in my old wedding shoes.  I kept them for obvious reasons, but mostly because I actually though I might wear them again after my wedding.  I haven't worn them a single time in the almost four years that we've been married, but I finally had a light bulb moment!
 For $4, I was able to pick up a packet of iDye for silk fabric and turn my white shoes purple! 

It was as simple as dipping a cheap paintbrush into the dye and painting it onto the shoe.  I did two coats, but the first coat was perfect on it's own! 
It literally only took 5 minute to brush the dye on, then I let them dry over night and added a second coat the following day. 

And look how perfectly they match the invitation!

The color in the photo looks like it might be a little uneven, but in person they are completely the same color all around!
I can't wait to try them out at the wedding!  Have you ever been able to re-purpose an old item for a brand new look?


  1. Dude this is a genius idea! I, too, have kept my wedding shoes with the intention of wearing them again and never have. [Almost 8 years ago!] I wish I would have thought of this a couple years ago when I was a bridesmaid and had to have ORANGE shoes.

    Seriously, the purple looks great! I'm interested to hear though if they'll bleed on your feet while you're dancing the night away!

  2. Later you can even dye them black for more use

  3. My goodness, I feel like if I had tried to do that I would have totally effed it up. High five! haha!


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