Friday, January 18, 2013

Wales Part Two: Liverpool, England

Welcome to another edition of Fly Away Fridays, or more specifically, Part Two of Wales adventures! Catch the first edition right over here!

So our first weekend in Wales was spent traveling was to Liverpool, England.  Why?  The Beatles, duh!
The three of us spent the weekend with three guy friends from our class.  We all rolled into town on one of the awesome United Kingdom trains (seriously, how awesome are trains?), and checked into what we thought was a super swanky hotel- hey they had my name on the TV!  How cool to a 17 year old!
There were a million security guards standing in the lobby of the hotel, and since we were hiding six people into the room when we only paid for two, we were sweating bullets thinking that the guards were all standing there waiting to catch us!

Nope, turned out Oasis was staying on our floor.  And got into a fist fight in the middle of the night right outside our door.  I slept through most of it, but still pretty cool huh?  They're only my favorite band! 
Any who, as soon as we checked in, we high tailed it right over to the Magical Mystery Tour and hopped on the next bus!
We saw all the cool sites you'd expect: Penny Lane,

The orphanage that Strawberry Fields Forever is about,
Ringo's childhood home (the home on the left, far down the street where the white awning sticks out)
As well as George's,
John Lennon's,
And Paul McCartney's!
I think I am missing some photos from the rest of the night...
We went to hang out at the Cavern Club, which is where the Beatles got their start.  I still remember that it's on Matthews Street...

Because the citizens of Liverpool are totally over the Beatles, they built a second, more modern bar on top of the old school Cavern Club, and virtually no one was in the original when we rolled up!  I mean, I get that the Beatles are probably old news for Liverpool, but I'm still obsessed with Nirvana so...

Anyways, we got to the bar, I casually ordered my first official drink, although illegally, but whatever, and we all hang out as a small crowd slowly fills the room.  The iconic stage where the fab four used to play acted s as our background as we danced around like six silly teenagers and have a great time. 
Obviously, being as innocently annoying as we were, we continued to request Beatles songs over and over as the night wore on.  And obviously Malena, Lindsey and I had to hop up on stage to dance where the boys once stood!  The best part was when the DJ kept kicking off every single other person and kept letting us dance!  Now that I'm older I see why, but we were just a couple of flighty kids back then!

The rest of the bar was obsessed with Oasis and so the entire night was spent bouncing between Beatles and Oasis songs, cultivating in an entire room sing a long to Don't Look Back In Anger.  Perfection.  Seriously.  After that, we ran around on the streets eating fish and chips and made our way back to the hotel two by two.
Malena and I walked back together and took a short cut through a darkened alley and stumbled upon two men doing stuff in the shadows together.  It took us a few days to put together what they were doing, and then we giggle about it to this day.  Seriously, dumb kids!

Our final morning we made our way back to the train station, passing through the largest Chinatown in the United Kingdom

I actually have no idea what building this was, but here you go!

Then we hopped back on the train and settled in for the ride back to Aberystwyth!
Nighty Night Lindsey!

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  1. I didn't know Strawberry Fields was about an orphanage! Also, biiig fan of Oasis, but WTF with them fighting?! Come on guys.


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