Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Stripes!!!!  Who loves stripes?  Cause I love love love them!  Especially gray and white ones!  Remember when I grabbed the awesome shower curtain from West Elm?  Still totally in love with that thing!

So what's a girl to do but paint some more stripes in her home!  Tim and I used to have a wall of vertical stripes in our bedroom before we painted over it with some dark blue-gray, so we were feeling some withdrawals.  Or at least I was.  I kinda stopped asking Tim before I change things. 
Our old stripes!
So one day I invited my friend Alex over and then pulled out some white paint and painters tape and decided to paint stripes on our TV wall! 
I've been dying to add something to this wall for months now! 
And less than an hour later...

Love love love love love love love love love!  Can you tell how much I love it???  They just go so well with everything!  And they're so pretty!!!  Oh boy!

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