Monday, January 28, 2013

Reusable Produce Bags

Happy Monday readers!  Today I wanted to share a quick green change I've adopted recently:  reusable produce bags!
These things have been on my "list of random things I need/want to buy that I'll never get around to" forever, but I'm determined to get more organized and take care of those little pesky tasks more often.  Do you all have lists like this?  So, I snagged a set of five of these bags at The Container Store for $10, and I love them!
Produce bags are the worse. We literally use them to transport fruit and veggies home from the store and then we chuck them right out into the landfills!  Buying some reusable bags are another awesome step you can take to make our beautiful world last longer!
Easy to clean as well!!
Have you ever used reusable produce bags?  Do you use reusable shopping bags?


  1. I have some of these bags, but I've never actually used them! Usually I'm gross and I just throw my produce into the cart loose. Maybe I should give the bags a shot!

  2. I had no idea these even existed! I love this idea. Because I do the exact same thing, once we get home I chunk those bags. I've not seen them anywhere, where do they sell them?

  3. thing with reusable shopping bags is that I would feel the need to wash them after every time I took them to the store. Cause I'm a germaphobe like that. I get that you wash produce anyways. Maybe I could start there. Baby steps! :)


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