Monday, January 14, 2013

Mini Mudroom

Guess what else Tim and I did over New Year's weekend?

We turned this: 
 Into this:
We've been wanting to create a mini-mudroom in our front closet so we'd have a smoother, prettier system for throwing our shoes, jackets, and scarves off when we get home.  So, the first thing to do with any project?  Drag out all the junk and sort through everything!

After I'd realized that Tim and I (OK, I) have way too many shoes, jackets, and scarves, it was time to get down to business!

First thing to do was to take down the old wire shelf, fill in the holes, and paint the closet!
We almost went with a nice teal color...
But we decided that Rockport Gray was the best choice since our shoes and jackets are colorful enough!

I'll skim over the next part, because we already had a sheet of wood cut down into four shelves, and painted everything white.  
I attached four L-brackets to each shelf and Tim anchored them into the wall.
 The first shelf went above a row of boots at the bottom of the closet. 
Then we quickly put up two more shelves along the bottom and one at the top of the closet in the wasted space where we could put all our hiking and summer shoes that aren't used as often. 

We also planned on putting up a piece of crown molding ala Pinterest to hold my heels...

 But it fell down right away.  Oh well!  I've just been putting my heels on the shelf above!
Next up, we anchored a slim strip of wood along the wall and installed 10 sturdy coat hooks. 
 And wam, bam, first coat up!
After all that good stuff was completed, we lived with everything for a few days to see what we liked/hated.  

And then I decided the leftover carpet in the closet wasn't doing us any favors, so of course I ripped it up and re-painted the whole entry way floor!

And drum roll please...

The last thing we want to change is to extend the coat hooks around the corner so we have more space to spread things out.  So I'll make sure to show you when we do!

Jump on over to my project gallery for more fun time crafts!


  1. This is fun! Never would have thought of this but I love it!

  2. Shauna (and Tim!), this looks AMAZING! Well done! But my favorite part is when you're taking pictures of the possible wall colors and Tim is hamming it up in the background. I love y'all.

    Looks great guys!

    (Also, +100 Cool Points for the Wilson jersey, Tim!)

  3. I think it turned out awesome. And once again, I'm sad I live in a rental. Think they'll notice if I just build myself a closet?

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