Monday, January 7, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a Lot like YHL

We've got ourselves a new addition in our "dining room"!
Here's what we had going on before:
These were actually two rugs on top of each other.  They were both thin ones that flopped around too much, and our bunnies loved to get their claws in the top one.  I was absolutely in love with the pattern on there, but I wasn't too keen on the quality.  So I've had my eye out for months for the perfect rug!

My friend Alex found this rug for me in 3 seconds flat, and I had to laugh.
It's the same rug that Young House Love have in their bedroom...which they painted the same color as my living room!  (Check out their blog to see a more accurate color than my photo!)  So, my dining room is having personality issues with John and Sherry.  And that's OK with me!

I love how it picks up the color of our teal dresser

Also....check out this awesome lantern I stole from my mom!  I filled it with pinecones at Christmas, and now I have it stuffed with white Christmas lights!  I'm totally obsessed with it!

How do you like the new rug?  They're one of my favorite things to buy, too bad they aren't cheap enough to switch around a lot like pillows!


  1. I love the rug! It does pick up the teal from the dresser quite nicely! Also, looove the lantern.


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