Friday, January 4, 2013

Desk Organization

Considering that was 6 months ago, I figured it was time to update you on what it looks like now!

It looks fairly similar, but hopefully a little more polished!

I switched out the original baskets with my favorite blue baskets that used to live in our entry table, but because we now have a teal dresser there, we were able to make the desk most Shauna with my berry blue baskets!
I also cleared off the clutter that's accumulated since we actually have no real need for a desk and it's just become a dumping ground :)
One day I finally sat down and went through everything, cleared out a bunch to Goodwill, and found new spots for everything else! 
And that's where we are now.  We still want to put up picture ledge shelves and a travel map, but it'll probably be awhile until that happens- I've been searching for a map I love for months with no luck!

Side note....I'm having the worst time with the white balance on my camera!  Every photo I take of my place is all yellow-y!  Our carpet looks way worse in photos than it does in real

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  1. Do you have photoshop? It's super easy to white balance with PS; I can shoot you a quick tutorial if you do.


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