Friday, December 7, 2012

Love Certainly Does Win

Yesterday was the first day that marijuana is a legal substance in the state of Washington.  Supporters and celebrators met around the Space Needle, counting down the minutes until midnight on Wednesday night so that they could celebrate. 

However, yesterday was an even more exciting day for Washington history.  Same sex couples were able to, for the first time in history, apply for a marriage license in the state of Washington.  On Sunday, after the standard three day waiting period, hundreds of couples are going to be able to tie the knot, cultivating a day of celebration throughout the great city of Seattle.
If nothing more brings a tear to your eye or pulsating joy through your heart, look at this adorable elderly couple who got their marriage license today after 35 years of lesbian love.
They were joined by bucket fulls of people who got to experience the joy that heterosexual couples have always had: being able to proclaim their life to loving their significant other. 
Tim and I are both overjoyed that we live in a state that celebrates individuality.  We'll be among the crowd cheering as long time couples descend from the courthouse steps Sunday morning with their brand spankin' new marriage certificates.  We'll also be at The Paramount on Sunday evening at the "Love Wins: A Wedding Reception for All" celebration, toasting and smiling until our cheeks hurt.
From The Slog, here are more happy couples at the courthouse yesterday:
All pictures in this post came from The Stranger.

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