Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Teal Dresser!!

The moment you've all been waiting for... 
I think the universe is trying to keep me from blogging!


I've told you about how my computer refuses to upload editted photos already.  Well just recently, I lost a whole memory stick full of images that took two weeks to recover, by which point I was too fed up to go through them.  

Then, I lost my DSLR battery charger.  I'm sure it's somewhere, but I'm stuck with my Iphone in the meantime.

Then when I was trying to upload photos last night, Blogger said I was out of storage space and wouldn't let me upload anything!  But this morning I can...weird.

Anyways, back to the dresser...

We left off with this beauty hanging out in our entry hall, just screaming for some fresh paint and new knobs!
So one night I set off to start priming the thing- later realizing that I always buy Behr Premium Paint + Primer, which negates the need for primer, and I could have saved all that wasted white paint + primer to make stripes on our TV wall, but oh well!
I like to dive into a project before properly setting up or buying the right supplies, so here we are one coat in, without removing the old knobs or putting cardboard down so I can paint the legs:
Pretty ugly, but it's only one coat in!

The dresser has these little panels on the side, where I decided to use some of the leftover wallpaper from my first dresser make over.
Then came the most exciting part.
Painting!  Teal! Hummingbird Blue by Martha Stewart, specifically!  I color matched it to Behr Premium Paint + Primer, which is my personal favorite. 

And behold....
It only took one coat to get this piece looking fantastic, but I did three, because I just love painting that much!
I switched out the old knobs for some bling bling diamond ring type pulls.

The dresser is pretty old, and came with lots of dings that I think add character, so I didn't bother to fill in any of these gems:

Total cost of this make over:
  • Dresser: $0
  • Paint: $15
  • Knobs: $30
Total Cost: $45

Not too bad!

Here's a preview of the carpet that we're 90% sure we're going to be getting after the holidays:
You like?  It's a nice gray color; we might go lighter, but we'll see.  I'll be sure to keep you updated, as long as technology doesn't keep trying to keep me away!


  1. Woohoo! Looks great. Love the color and the knobs! (That sounds a little dirty...)

  2. Can't believe how great it looks compared to the start. Great job!

  3. Teal is such an awesome color! It looks fantastic, you did such a great job. I repainted an old dresser for Lillie's nursery a few years ago and I did the same thing - just dove right in with no regard to how it "should be done". Haha.

    Also, your hair seems shorter?! Super cute!

  4. You didn't tell me about the panels. Why do you hate me, shauna!

  5. It looks fantastic. Love the sides and the knobs!

  6. Fun! It reminds me of Tiffany's with the blue and the bling! :)


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