Monday, November 12, 2012

Road Trip Vol V

And now for the real fun of our trip: Vegas!

We spent four nights in Vegas, staying at the Monte Carlo resort.  It was the perfect temperature; around 90 degrees. 

We drove up to our casino in the late afternoon covered in dirt and lacking cleanliness, as we'd been backpacking for the last two days.  Our car was caked with red dirt, stuffed to the brim with junk, and hoisting two bikes on the back.  This all looks fine most places, but we felt a little scruffy with all the perfectly detailed BMW's and other pretty sports cars I can't name pulling up around us and transporting lots of impeccably dressed men in suits.

We stuffed our faces with some Mexican fast food, then high tailed it to our room to pretty ourselves up. 
He loves penguins!
The rest of the trip was spent eating, drinking, and wandering around.  OK, and maybe a little bit of shopping.  If you buy it on vacation, it goes towards your vacation budget, right?!?!?!

I got us tickets to two shows: Wicked, which Tim and I saw in London last year and looooooved, and Jersey Boys, which we hadn't seen yet.  

Wicked was obvious amazing.  This is the third time I've seen it in the last year and a half...oddly enough, none of these were in Seattle!  Some jerks behind us were talking the entire first act, so we complained and they moved us to the very first box seat and we could see the sweat on the actors faces.  Awesome sauce!
Green for Wicked!
Jersey Boys wasn't my favorite.  Our friends John and Gemma just looooove it, so I was super excited to see it, but I'm not a huge fan of narrated musicals.  I love Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons though!!!  Our seats were great because it was a tiny theater!
After four days in Vegas, it was time to pack it up and start working our way home.  Tim's sister and grandparents live in Idaho, so we stopped for a day to see them.  We explored some parks in the area and a giant waterfall as well!  
We finally made it back home after two weeks on the road, and were soooo happy to pick up our puppy from Grandmas!!  She gained a zillion pounds while we were gone, but we still love her :)!

And there you have it!  Want to hear more about our road trip?  Catch up on Vol I, II, III, and IV, or check out our travel page to see all our adventures!  Next time I'll tell you about my long weekend in LA!


  1. gah, so jealous of every single part of this trip, but really really of the musicals! I was dyyying to see Wicked when I was in London, but my friends decided to stalk Jude Law instead. Womp womp.

  2. I really like how colorful this post appear to be especially your blue floral print dress! Its safe to say I like your blog :)


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