Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Road Trip Vol IV

We finally arrived in the Grand Canyon National Park shortly before sunset.  We stopped for a few pictures at the first overlook, and saw that the canyon really is as grand as they all say!  We caught a nice show as the sun went down and then continued to our hotel.

The next three days were planned to be spent trekking down to the canyon floor and back!  I had been trying to trick Tim into getting in shape with me for the hike, but like most American's, I forgot about it until two weeks before we left and then I got a cold.  Sooooo I just hoped for the best!  I ran the elevation grade numbers in my head a bunch, compared them to some of the hardest hikes we've done before, and seeing that they weren't as steep as those, I was mostly worried about that heat!

Lucky for us, it never got too hot.  We decided to only backpack overnight instead of two nights and instead go to Las Vegas a day early.  That may have been because I decided I didn't feel like backpacking and Tim did so I begrudgingly did and didn't speak to Tim the first three miles of our descent until I finally yelled my problems out at a rest stop and then we made up and I was glad that we went backpacking.  And that's how Tim and I fight folks.  I get mad and Tim rolls his eyes until I get over it, and that's why we're a perfect match :)
 Our campsite was really nice!  We stayed at Indian Gardens, and it's nice and shaded with places to hang out, nice bathrooms, and pretty views! Seriously though, the canyon's got some really nice bathrooms...I highly recommend. 
The morning of our ascent, we got up at the break of dawn and set out at 6:30 AM (were we on vacation or what??) so we could beat the sun rising.  
We actually did really good!  We high fived ourselves at every rest stop because we made excellent time on a pretty strenuous hike.  We were at the rim in four hours!

We made sure to take a couple emo photos near the top.  Do you see me sitting on the rock to the far right?

(I like how there are hardly any photos of Tim on the days I make him carry the camera :))
See that patch of dark green at the canyon floor?  That was where we camped!  Here's a zoomed in photo:
After a quick victory picture and bathroom break, we dove into the car and drove for 3 hours until we could find a dang Starbucks!
The thing about Arizona?  It gave us the creeps.  I can't even describe it, but maybe it's because almost all our meals here were eaten cafeteria style, or the eerie feeling we got every time we left the car, but there was something about this state that we were anxious to get away from!  I wish I was exaggerating when I said we sped the last hour to cross into Nevada, but we did. 

After a quick stop at the Hoover Dam, we rode on up to enjoy four fabulous nights in Vegas!
Anyways, I'll tell you all about Las Vegas in my next post!  In the meantime, catch up on our adventure with Vol 1, Vol 2 and Vol 3 of our road trip!

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