Sunday, November 18, 2012

New Entrance in da Hizzouse!

For month's I've been searching for a good dresser on Craigslist that we could put in our "entry" way.  It needed to be a very specific size, and I wanted it to have plenty of storage inside.  I wanted it to be vintage with interesting lines; something that would look amaHHzing in a nice light teal.

I mean, what's a good furniture makeover without teal?  Right?

After lots of dead ends and one huge @$$ b!tch (yeah, you know who you are, garage sale lady), I was still empty handed in the dresser department.

Until finally I found a gorgeous looking dresser that happened to be located right near my parent's house!  I begged them to go get it for me, and a few weeks later I went home to get it!

Unfortunately, the dresser was way way way deeper than normal.  Also, my mom had fallen in love with the thing.  So, my parents, giggling like school children, stole my dresser from me and it now resides in their dining room holding place mats all all those fun goodies.  It looks great there though, so I was happy to part with it, even if it left me empty handed!
Luckily, my mom had a super old dresser in her room that she was ready to part with!

It would have been nice if she mentioned that two months ago.

Just like when we were searching for a dining room table.  Just kidding mom, thanks for the dresser!!

Anyways, I finally got it to my condo this week and we lurrrrrve it!!!!  It has such a presence!  Much more interesting than our old table from Ikea (that I still love).  I'm making my bff's keep it in their place until I move to a bigger place one day.

But now I've got me a great antique dresser to make over!  I can't wait to slap on some teal paint and switch up the hardware!
Spoiler Alert:  I actually wrote this weeks ago, and I'm all done with it!  Just need to go buy a couple more drawer knobs and I can share it!

The coolest part?  In one of the drawers, my mom and her bff's at the time carved their names:
And they're all still friends to this day!  They get together once a year to this day!  Neat huh?


  1. I'm always inspired by your house projects! My house is basically completely void of anything of character! Gah!

  2. Love love love the carving inside! So cool! I bet it looks great. :)


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