Tuesday, October 30, 2012

That One Time I Was On How I Met Your Mother

Remember yesterday when I said I was on How I Met Your Mother? A lot of you were excited to hear the story, so here goes...
*Sorry none of these pictures are cropped correctly!  I'll edit them, and then they will upload in their original form. What the heck?*
I wasn't literally on the show (although my mom got to hang out on their set and sit in their booth!! Lucky!).  My photos were!
See, my mom and uncle have a business, Cleared Art Services, where they rent family photos and make posters for film and television sets.  My uncle lives in LA and works in the show business, so we always have some connections when we visit.  We get to visit various sets, and once I got to sit in on the production of the NBC Nightly News- I got to wear a headset and listen to all the behind the scenes action!

Their business basically provides a place where set decorators can rent a bunch of pictures that already have clearance so they don't have to waste time trying to figure that out.  I've gotten addicted to a lot of shows through Cleared Art Services, namely How I Met Your Mother and Parenthood!

I got my first dose of fame in college, when my mom called and told me to watch this show because I was going to be featured.  So Tim and I sat down one night and the show turned out to be hilarious.  It was the episode "One Night in NYC,"  when the gang is all telling their stories about losing their virginity.  You can see me mostly in Robin's and Ted's stories.
That butt there?  Mine! 
Every picture here is from Cleared Art Services.  That pink poster is a silhouette of my Freshman Dance photo, that big picture of my face is, well, my face.  Those shadowy looking photos beside it are one's my friends and I took.  There are also a bunch of pictures tacked to the bullitan board.
 The poster below is my brother and his friends:
 A few years later, Cleared Art Services got to make another poster for HIMYM, this time a list of rules to be displayed while Marshall takes his bar exam.  I totally helped make it.
Parenthood was exciting as well!  My mom told me to watch it because the set decorator rented a bunch of pictures of my friends and I, and this was Tim's first feature as well!
 Turns out, we were plastered all over Haddie's room and in Amber's room as well!

For almost the entire first season, I got to see my friends and I allllll over Haddie's room until they eventually re-decorated it.

Their company has actually been featured in a ton of shows and movies: 21, Bad Teacher, Melissa and Joey, Modern Family, Parks and Recreation, Weeds, and so many more!  Click here for a more comprehensive list!

The posters aren't always of us, my mom makes lots of various art that can decorate a set.  My brother and I just never pay attention unless we're featured :)  Sometimes I'm even surprised!

Like the time I was watching The Other Woman with Natalie Portman.  I was looking away from the screen and happened to glance back up as the screen changed, and I could have sworn I saw my brother.  After a few more minutes, I had to rewind it because I just knew it was him!
Turns out, there was a whole string of us as children!

Take this meth commercial- see this giant baby?  That's me!
And the first episode of Greek had a poster of me as well:
You see the poster of the stomach above Cappie's bed?  That's mine!  The skateboarding poster to the left are photos of my brother!

Here's my last awesome story for now- do you guys remember You Don't Miss with the Zohan with Adam Sandler?  The movie was being made right around the time I graduated college and I started working for Cleared Art Services.  One of my first tasks was helping to make Jewish posters for a NYC street.  When we went to LA to visit my uncle that year, we got to go on the set and I saw all my posters up decorating the street!  They were only briefly shown in the movie but it was pretty exciting!  It was awesome to see the whole fake street set up and then see it again in the movie.

Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz (and my husband Justin Timberlake) features a lot of work from the company; a large majority of the artwork was made by my mom!  There's one part where a bumper sticker stuck to one of the teacher's desks is an actual pivotal scene in the movie, and my mom made it! I wish I had these movies on hand to show take pictures for you!

So in conclusion, no, I wasn't actually on How I Met Your Mother, but I came kinda close, right?  Right now Cleared Art Services is working on the new season of Arrested Development!  Exciting!!!

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