Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spooky Frogs and Ewoks

Look at that face!
I just want to squeeze it and yell "HOLLY BOLLY BO BOLLY BOO FACE!!!!"  
But I'll stick to only doing that indoors....
Holly's such a good dog!  She sat in Petsmart while we made her try on a zillion different outfits before settling on this adorable frog costume.

I mean, ohmosh, how adorbs is that?

And since Holly's middle name is Wicket, it was only fitting that we dressed her up as an ewok as well, right?
Oh my, that sage ol' thing.  

Heheh I love this one:
"Guysssss!  What are you doing to me!"

We're going to take her to a Halloween/Tim's Birthday party this weekend, so excited!

Ok, sorry guys, I'm totes turning into one of those people that says totes and talks about her dog like a person!!

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