Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Road Trip Vol III

Next in our Epic Road Trip 2012 series...the Grand Canyon!  We already talked about our first ridiculously long drive and our time at Zion National Park, but now it's Arizona time! 
We had a five hour drive between these two parks, which we broke up with a tour of Antelope Canyon, the more visited and most photographed slot canyon in the South West.
The canyons are located on Indian Reservations, and you have to book a tour with a local company to see them.  So we did!
They were super hard to photograph, but totally gorgeous!
There's not much to tell you guys except that they were pretty sweet to see! '
Lots of lovely streams of light flooding in...
We visited the Upper Antelope Canyon instead of the Lower. 

Look at that cutie:

This post is so picture heavy that I'll continue with the Grand Canyon next time!

Have you read Vol 1 and 2 from our trip yet?  You can also read about more trips over on our Travel Page!


  1. These are the most beautiful pictures!!! I LOVE them!

  2. oh my gosh those photos are just beautiful!! wow i cant get over how gorgeous they are


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