Monday, October 29, 2012

Road Trip Vol II

So yesterday we left off with Tim and I arriving in Zion National Park, Utah, after 18 hours of driving.
The hotel was freaking gorgeous!  Desert Pearl Inn was minutes from the park entrance, completely comfortable, and homey.  It was just absolutely amazing and I would totally stay there again!
The agenda for Zion was pretty casual.  The weather was absolutely perfect; not to hot for us but cool for the locals.  Wanting to relax as much as possible, we went on two hikes and a bike ride, and spent the rest of the time in the pool!

Our bike ride was to a ghost town called Grafton.  I couldn't tell you anything about it except there's a tiny little cemetery with tombstones that read, "Killed by Indians."
Pretty neat huh?

Our hikes were pretty awesome.  The first one was called Angel's Landing, and is one of the most popular hikes in the park. 

And oh boy was this one of the coolest hikes I've ever done!!  It was amazing!
The mountain we climbed to reach Angel's Landing
After a brief freak out when someone spotted a rattle snake on the trail (we didn't get to see it), we reached what we thought was the top. Then we saw what all the warning were about: you had to make your way up the last half mile by holding onto a rope and tip towing along a cliff.

It was then that I found a brand new fear of heights and figured out what a mild panic attack must feel like, but I grabbed that rope and held on for dear life.
But man oh man it was totally worth it!!  Amazing amazing hike with even more amazing views!  

The other Zion-tastic hike we did was the Narrows Trail.  I liked this one because it was different; the trail is actually up a river in between two steep canyon walls.
You get to wade through a slippery river as far as you'd like, looking up to steep canyon walls and piles of river rocks around you.  
We only went about a mile into the Narrows before we called it a day and went back to the pool.

We kept eating at this place called Oscar's Cafe, that had delicious mahi mahi tacos and lots of vegetarian picks.  We probably should have explored the options a little bit more, but Oscars just kept calling us back!
This hibiscus tea was to die for!
The best part of Utah was that everyone is amazingly nice.  Like literally everyone we talked to in the entire state was wonderful.  Even a Seattle friend who hails from Utah is super friendly (yeah that's you Ben)! I could definitely return here!

Oh, and the fact that it was so dry that I'm pretty sure I barely showed the whole four days we were here.  My normally prone-to-greasiness hair was totally cool hanging out in the high altitude.  

Tomorrow I'll tell you about the next leg of our journey to the Grand Canyon!


  1. nature is usually not calling me but those two hikes look freaking awesome.

  2. These pictures are incredible. My sister is going to Zion next summer (and a bunch of other places too) with her high school, and I have been so jealous since she signed up for the trip. And now that I've seen these pictures I'm even more jealous! Maybe they will need an extra chaperone!


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