Thursday, October 25, 2012

Road Trip Vol I

I love me a good road trip.  Even more, I love me some good traveling!  Especially with Tim!

One thing I don't like?  Surprises!  Because I can't keep them!   There's a reason Tim and I open Christmas presents the day I buy them! 

You know who does love surprises?  This guy:
So it's been pretty torturous for me to keep our monthly date night a surprise!  But September was a big one.  A giant one!  Stuffed with a million envelops!  And oh boy did it take lots of planning!
First, I had to secure a backpacking permit for the Grand Canyon.  They release them four months in advance, and I had all my family members helping me fax in the request form because I kept getting a busy signal. 

Luckily, I managed to get a two night permit starting the day of our seven and a half year anniversary!  Is it weird we celebrate the day we started dating much more than our wedding anniversary?  Honestly, not even sure how long we've been married.

Anyways, after I got the permit in the mail, it was time to secure time off for Tim.  I'm Facebook-message-buddies with an old co-worker of Tim's, so I asked her for his boss's email address, and his awesome boss went out of her way to keep this whole thing a secret.  

The day we were leaving, I got up and pretended to go to work with Tim, then came back home and packed up the car and dropped Holly off at my grandma's.  I called Tim in the afternoon and suggested we have a dinner date in Bellevue.  Luckily he says yes to everything!

I parked close to his work right about when I would have arrived via bus, and called Tim to let me up stairs, date night envelope in hand and yoga-fied outfit on my body....and then Tim didn't answer his phone for twenty minutes.

Turns out he had to stay a little late to fix something and was stuck in someone's office without his phone when I got there!  He was finally almost done, saying how his boss said he had to finish this thing today and it was really weird because she never micromanaged him but kept asking about this project.  Hehe!  She even called and suggested some places for Tim and I to go to dinner that night, which I just loved!

Anyways, we finally got out of there and Tim still hadn't noticed I just "came from work" in my yoga pants, so I gave him his envelop and he opened it up and read that we were going to the Grand Canyon!  And then he just chuckled and was like, "OK, where are we going for dinner?"
I guess all the times I've suggested hoping on the next plane to Paris have phased him.  Oh well!  I walked him to the car and he saw it loaded up with bags and I think he finally believed me.  Actually, I'm not sure when he finally realized I was serious, but that's why I love Tim: he was totally willing to just drive away in the car with me to where ever we were going with no notice.  

And that's how our trip began ladies and gentlemen!  18 whole hours of this:
and this:
And an hour on the side of the road when we both accidentally fell asleep in Utah. 

But it was totally worth it when we finally got to Zion National Park (you didn't think we only went to the Grand Canyon did you??) and got to shower! 
15-16 hours in!

But more on Zion next time!
The best part about this whole surprise is that Tim can be super oblivious- I could work on the envelops on the couch next to him without him noticing, leaving papers scattered about that he would never look at.  What a guy!

And he totally called his boss the next morning to make sure he really had the time off, because he's responsible like that.  Sexy, eh??

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