Tuesday, September 11, 2012

High Rock Hike

Tim and I went on the coolest hike last month with my work husband Drew, his best friend Jordan who was up visiting from Minnesota, and Jordan's awesome wife Lauren.
I've had this hike on my radar for awhile, since seeing a friend's photos.  High Rock Hike is in the Southern Cascades, right outside Mt Rainier National Park.  It's only one and a half miles to the top, but it's very steep!  As in 1400 feet elevation change in about 8730 feet!  And the day we went, it was 90 degrees out!  Which may not be too bad for some people, but I'm from Seattle!

That being said (and my pouting face serving as proof of how hot I was!), it was an amazing hike!  The views from the top were amaaaaaazeballs!  We had an incredible shot of Mt Rainier, as well as Mt St Helens, Mt Hood in Oregon, and many others!

The lookout on top:

Mt Hood:

Just look at these gorgeous colors! That neon green isn't Photoshopped!

I found some of my favorite plants as well!  Sweet succulents!
On our way up, I had to stop and guzzle water every five minutes!  Our Minnesota friends are used to running marathons in this heat, so us Seattle-ites we're dying trying to catch up with them!
You had to watch your footing at the top, because we were surrounded by steep cliffs!
We were surrounded by gorgeous wildflowers as well, a nice benefit of Mt Rainier!

 I have a couple other hikes to share with you from this summer!  Has any of you gone on some interesting trails lately?


  1. SO PRETTY! It makes me miss Washington that much more.

  2. So gorgeous! Your photos are amazing! Although the one off the cliff made my stomach turn...creepy!

  3. So wait, does your work husband have a real wife? ;)

    Amazing pictures!!!

  4. LOVE these pictures! I want to do this hike! I've only done a pretty "easy" hike in North Bend.

    www.livingbarefootandcrazy.blogspot.com ♥

  5. Some of the most beautiful pictures ever!


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