Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dressy Occasion

Onward to step two of my dresser makeover!  We left off after I painted our Ikea Malm dresser and nightstand a medium gray color, and now I'll show you how I jazzed up the drawers!  PS- was that really three weeks ago?  Whoops!  Sorry for the delay kids :)
This was super easy to do, and all I needed was paintable wallpaper, along with some Modge Podge, and exact-o knife, and more paint!

To add some interest/detail to the drawers, I bought some paintable wallpaper from Lowe's.  You can find it online as well.
I rolled out the paper, and traced each drawer front into the wallpaper with my exact-o knife.
The next step was taking the glue and applying a liberal amount on the back of the paper, then smoothing onto the drawer front with a credit card.

Then, when all the paper was applied to all 14 drawers, I painted them up!
*Blurry pic ahead, sorry!*
I love how they turned out!  This was such an easy upgrade for $20!  

Bonus shot- sleepy Holly!
Next, I'll show you the final reveal, along with the drawer knobs I added!

In the meantime, check out my project gallery for more DIY inspiration!

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