Tuesday, September 4, 2012

25th Birthday!

Since my last post was on my birthday, maybe I should share with you all what I did for my birthday weekend?  Yes, weekend.  I'm maturing now, so it's no longer a whole month!
Tim, Holly, and I had a nice picnic in the park!

Holly and I painted our nails together for my party...
And she laid in her makeshift water bowl
We took Holly to the dog park, but she didn't get it.  She sat by my side until we finally left :)
By that point, she was exhasted because she's used to 5 hour naps every day (she snores!).
That night, I went to dinner with my friends, Thai food, my favorite!  My brother came as well, he flew up from CA for the weekend!
My awesome friends brought me Cupcake Royale for desert!

Then we made our way to Chopstix (OK, now it's called Keys on Main), a dueling piano bar!

I had to go dance on stage to Baby Got Back, but thankfully they made lots of ladies get up with me!

^^Kroeger family weirdness ^^

I had to wear lots of ridiculous things...

 And then we went to vegan brunch the next morning!! Yummy!
I got spoiled with presents too!  Besides Holly, Tim also hired a cleaning lady to start coming (maybe that's an insult to my awesome housekeeping skills?), and got me this yellow necklace I've been wanting!  I also got a bunch of gift cards from family and friends!  So far, I've just got a lot of eyeshadow from Sephora!
I actually returned this Naked Palette because I didn't really like any of the colors!

Anyways, thanks for making my birthday so awesome guys!

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