Tuesday, September 11, 2012

High Rock Hike

Tim and I went on the coolest hike last month with my work husband Drew, his best friend Jordan who was up visiting from Minnesota, and Jordan's awesome wife Lauren.
I've had this hike on my radar for awhile, since seeing a friend's photos.  High Rock Hike is in the Southern Cascades, right outside Mt Rainier National Park.  It's only one and a half miles to the top, but it's very steep!  As in 1400 feet elevation change in about 8730 feet!  And the day we went, it was 90 degrees out!  Which may not be too bad for some people, but I'm from Seattle!

That being said (and my pouting face serving as proof of how hot I was!), it was an amazing hike!  The views from the top were amaaaaaazeballs!  We had an incredible shot of Mt Rainier, as well as Mt St Helens, Mt Hood in Oregon, and many others!

The lookout on top:

Mt Hood:

Just look at these gorgeous colors! That neon green isn't Photoshopped!

I found some of my favorite plants as well!  Sweet succulents!
On our way up, I had to stop and guzzle water every five minutes!  Our Minnesota friends are used to running marathons in this heat, so us Seattle-ites we're dying trying to catch up with them!
You had to watch your footing at the top, because we were surrounded by steep cliffs!
We were surrounded by gorgeous wildflowers as well, a nice benefit of Mt Rainier!

 I have a couple other hikes to share with you from this summer!  Has any of you gone on some interesting trails lately?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

15 Day Challenge: Day 8 & 9

Did everyone have a good weekend?  Tim and I got a million free drinks from people feeling sorry for us, so that was pretty sweet!  We also wasted a whole day of sunshine driving to the beach, only to find a freezing pile of wind and clouds, while it was sunny at 80 in Seattle!  We also had a fun night celebrating Alex's birthday at Les Miz and I rode the new Ferris wheel with my parents!

Now, I'm linking up with Sar for the 15 Day Challenge! 

[Day 8]: Describe the good, the bad, and the ugly about yourself. 

The Good: Hmm this is hard to say about yourself, isn't it?  I like to think I'm a loyal person, good friend, funny, and kind.  I hope this is what other people think of me

The Bad:  I get upset way too easily.  I've been working on this for many many years and I think I'm a lot better than I was at like, 16, but it's definitely still a problem!  I also tend to hold a grudge.  Hurt me once, I can only pretend to forgive you.

The Ugly:  Well I'm not too fond of my eyebrows. Is that what this question means?
[Day 9]: Tell us the best day of your life to date.

Hmmm...this is a hard one because I can't think of any one particular day.  I know most people are choosing their weddings, but I hate that!  I guess I just hate the idea that your wedding is meant to be the best day of your life.  I don't know.

So instead, I'll describe my idea of a perfect day:

It starts with waking up in a city.  Preferably NYC, but Seattle will do.  Actually, this is my fantasy, so all my friends are in NYC with me.  OK, so we wake up in NYC, and Tim and I go get a delicious vegan brunch, then take a walk around the city or Central Park.  We meet up with my friends to go rock climbing, then hit up some yummy Cuban place for mojitos and lunch.  Afterwards Tim and I go for a nice long bike ride around the city, stopping at various macaroon and chocolate shops along the way.  We meet back up with my friends to go see the Phantom of the Opera, then of course, must go out for Thai food and drinks afterwards.  We even have enough energy leftover to go dancing!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

25th Birthday!

Since my last post was on my birthday, maybe I should share with you all what I did for my birthday weekend?  Yes, weekend.  I'm maturing now, so it's no longer a whole month!
Tim, Holly, and I had a nice picnic in the park!

Holly and I painted our nails together for my party...
And she laid in her makeshift water bowl
We took Holly to the dog park, but she didn't get it.  She sat by my side until we finally left :)
By that point, she was exhasted because she's used to 5 hour naps every day (she snores!).
That night, I went to dinner with my friends, Thai food, my favorite!  My brother came as well, he flew up from CA for the weekend!
My awesome friends brought me Cupcake Royale for desert!

Then we made our way to Chopstix (OK, now it's called Keys on Main), a dueling piano bar!

I had to go dance on stage to Baby Got Back, but thankfully they made lots of ladies get up with me!

^^Kroeger family weirdness ^^

I had to wear lots of ridiculous things...

 And then we went to vegan brunch the next morning!! Yummy!
I got spoiled with presents too!  Besides Holly, Tim also hired a cleaning lady to start coming (maybe that's an insult to my awesome housekeeping skills?), and got me this yellow necklace I've been wanting!  I also got a bunch of gift cards from family and friends!  So far, I've just got a lot of eyeshadow from Sephora!
I actually returned this Naked Palette because I didn't really like any of the colors!

Anyways, thanks for making my birthday so awesome guys!

Dressy Occasion

Onward to step two of my dresser makeover!  We left off after I painted our Ikea Malm dresser and nightstand a medium gray color, and now I'll show you how I jazzed up the drawers!  PS- was that really three weeks ago?  Whoops!  Sorry for the delay kids :)
This was super easy to do, and all I needed was paintable wallpaper, along with some Modge Podge, and exact-o knife, and more paint!

To add some interest/detail to the drawers, I bought some paintable wallpaper from Lowe's.  You can find it online as well.
I rolled out the paper, and traced each drawer front into the wallpaper with my exact-o knife.
The next step was taking the glue and applying a liberal amount on the back of the paper, then smoothing onto the drawer front with a credit card.

Then, when all the paper was applied to all 14 drawers, I painted them up!
*Blurry pic ahead, sorry!*
I love how they turned out!  This was such an easy upgrade for $20!  

Bonus shot- sleepy Holly!
Next, I'll show you the final reveal, along with the drawer knobs I added!

In the meantime, check out my project gallery for more DIY inspiration!