Monday, August 13, 2012

The Desk Saga Begins

As I look at this first picture here, I realized that I never told you that we painted our game room (yes, again) the same color as our living room! Now all our rooms are either gray or blue!  I'm loving how cohesive everything feels now!  

But back to the subject of this post, we painted our game room because we decided to make the closet into a workspace because we both work from home occasionally (and just wanted a desk again). 
As you can see, we still had a little bit of junk left to sort in the closet.  This closet used to be packed to the brim with all our camping, snowboarding, and hiking gear, as well as Christmas decorations.  Now, we started renting a storage unit in our building and now have room to build a desk!

I was looking for something similar to this West Elm Parsons Desk except much larger and a lot cheaper- if this was a piece of furniture we'd use a lot, we'd probably save up for a nice piece, but why do that when I can construct something similar for less than $30?

The entire desk is made from one 4'X8' sheet of wood that I picked up from Home Depot for $30!  I even ended up having an extra piece because we used one less shelf than planned in the cubby. 

So how did I make this desk?  Simple! 

  • 4'X8' sheet of wood, cut according to the directions below
  • wood glue
  • 2" screws
  • sandpaper- course, smoother, and paint/vanish if you want!
  • paint/primer/sealer of your choice (Behr no-voc paint+primer in off the shelf white, along with spray sealer in high gloss)
For the sheet of wood, the cut lines are pretty straightforward.  Our desk top was going to be two feet deep and five feet wide, just because that happens to be exactly how big our closet is.  This happened to leave us the perfect amount of wood to cut two side pieces for the shelf cubby as well as pieces for the bottom, top, and two shelves without any leftover wood.
To assemble the shelves, we just used wood glue and screws to attach a top and bottom piece- the bottom was placed about an inch off the ground to add interest.  Eight screws later, we had a box! 
It already looked like a desk when you put the top piece on:
Now that the shelf was complete, we needed to add legs to the other side.  Thankfully we happened to have a nice 2X4 leftover from our console table project, and a random piece of wood that would work as anchor. 
A quick slide of the saw and a couple screws later, we had some table legs!
And will you look at that?  That there's a desk!
We hadn't added any shelves to the cubby yet because it would be easier to paint everything first- which we did next!
Our place had wood everywhere over the next week!

I don't have any pictures of it, but we ended up attaching one shelf in the cubby with a simple set of L brackets.

And a million days later....
OK, don't take the current state of things as any indication on how things are staying.  First, the desk has become a dumping ground just like any surface inevitably does.  Most of the stuff you see in this picture doesn't belong here!
Don't worry, I have a couple plans to set up the desktop.  We also plan to add a couple shelves to the wall for pictures.  And in 20 more years, I might actually get around to doing it!
These baskets aren't permanent either!  I have some gorgeous teal ones I'm moving in here as soon as I find a vintage dresser...
And there you have it!  Have you built anything exciting lately?

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