Monday, July 2, 2012

I Fought the Carpet and...the Carpet Lost!

Remember when I told you all about my dirty floor that Tim and I can never keep clean?
Well, I finally had enough of it!!!  So what did I do?  What any normal, sane person would do of course:  I ripped it up!
Yes, I'm a little bit crazy, and a lot spontaneous when it comes to getting things that I want!  

Ripping up carpet is pretty dang easy; at least our was.  Here's how I attacked our entry hall:
First I cut along the carpet where I wanted to rip it up with an exact-o knife.  In my case, I decided to make a clean cut from the front closet to the wall, making the little square where the door swings open a mini entry way.

Repeat the same process with the padding, ripping up the staples as you go.
Here's where you get to have fun sweeping, vacuuming, putty-ing the extra deep holes, sanding, and more sweeping and vacuuming.
But then it's paint time!  I just used some of our leftover bedroom paint because we have 7000 gallons left.  Or half a gallon, same thing.  It clashes a little but with the walls, but not enough to drive me crazy. 
Paint, paint, paint, and then:
Oooh all painted and pretty!  We even got a carpet edger to put between the carpet and subfloor, which makes it look like ripping up the carpet was on purpose.
I know, weird edges along the door and closet where I was too lazy to finish ripping up the materials.  Too much work for something that isn't permanent. 
All in all, I love the painted sub floor.  The un-eveness and dings give it such an awesome texture, and most of all, it looks 1000 times better than the gross beige carpet that I loathe so much!!  

I think painting the subfloor would be an awesome project for a future house when we're saving up for hardwood floors.  It's so much cleaner and awesome-r than carpet, and oh boy do I wish we could do this to the whole condo, because I would in an instant!  Unfortunately, we have to have carpet on our floors.

The down sides:
The new entry cuts off the flow you get from having the same floors throughout the whole room.  It makes the living room seem smaller for sure, which is exactly what we don't want!  When we finally replace our carpet, we will reinstall carpet in the entry, and let future Shauna & Tim figure out the weird weather strip issue.

Oh, and while it's still here, our current carpet clashes horribly with the painted sub floor.  Oh well, it's great inspiration to save up for new carpet, right?

Have any of you done anything completely crazy to something that was bugging you?  I won't lie, I didn't tell Tim before I started this project...he was a little shocked when he came home!

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  1. Great idea and CHEAP when you need something fixed pronto! :)

  2. We did something very similar to the disgusting carpet in our bonus room. One day, we just had enough! So up it came. We've been living with the subfloor for about a year now while we finish the bathroom, and while it seemed like a good idea at the time, it is NOT wearing well, so keep that in mind. It catches dust like nobody's business and looks worse and worse the longer it sits. Painting it was a good idea though! Hopefully that helps it wear longer for you. Good luck with it!


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