Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Closeted Desks

Who doesn't love a good closet-turned-desk/nook story?

We started renting a storage unit in our building because we decided to turn our spare room closet into a work station.  We both work from home occasionally (I do more often than him), and as much as I love the fact that I can cuddle on the couch while analyzing data, it's nice to have a big old work surface other than our dining table.

So, a closet desk it is. We have about 5'X2' in there to set up a nice spacious surface, and so that's what we set out to do.  I wanted to build a really simple modual desk with shelves below for baskets, and a couple picture ledges on the wall above. 
The shape will probably end up looking close to this (OK, I actually already built the desk and it's been sitting and waiting to be finished and photographed for weeks!):
I'm excited to finish this project and blog it for you all to see!  I'm even more excited about what we're planning on doing to our entry way closet...;)


  1. Such a cool project! I seriously need to learn how to build things like you do. Hammers, nails, screwdrivers... still making friends with them.

  2. So excited to see this! If we owned this house, I would absolutely change our hall closet into one of the mudrooms with a bench that are all over Pinterest. I love a closet turned different function!

  3. Love these work spaces!

    Can't wait to see your finished project!

  4. I love this! I can't wait to see how it turned out! I'm dying for a desk, but we simply don't have the space in our little apartment. One day I'll have an office of my own :)

  5. I like how a creative mind works here. And like the others, I am also excited to see the finish product. I am a home-based professional too, and optimizing little spaces is also my forte.



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